Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

Fresh Choice Kitchens

Fresh Choice Kitchens is the Community Kitchen Program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. It was formerly known as the Vancouver Community Kitchen Project and has been promoting and supporting community kitchens for over 14 years.

A community kitchen is a group of individuals who meet regularly to cook healthy‚ nutritious meals. Everyone is expected to participate‚ to the best of their abilities in the menu selection‚ shopping‚ preparation‚ and cooking; the only requirement is an interest in food. Good nutrition plays a key role in each community kitchen. Participants learn new recipes and are introduced to new foods that contribute to a more balanced diet. As well‚ several meals are usually taken home and frozen for later, thus furthering healthy eating habits. Members share friendship‚ food and nutritional knowledge as well as culinary skills.

The mission of Fresh Choice Kitchens is to build community around food and create opportunities for people to cook together. The program creates educational and fund raising tools, training programs‚ networking sessions and cooking resources that empower and support individuals and community agencies in their efforts to start and maintain community kitchens.

For further information on Fresh Choice Kitchens‚ please visit: or contact Diane Collis at or 604.216.2324.