Our Programs

We believe people should have access to healthy and sustainable food where they live and in a dignified manner.

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  • Food Quality

    We are working hard to improve the quality of food we share by purchasing fresh, quality produce to distribute. We are working with experts in health and nutrition to establish nutritional guidelines that we can share with audiences such as our food donors.

  • Food Literacy

    We are testing and evaluating our existing programs in food skills and developing them with the aim of building a community around food. Community Kitchens are a major focus, as well as helping to supply and train those in partner agencies.

  • Food Access

    We believe in dignified access to food within the community. Through collaboration with partners and feedback from our members, we are working hard to evaluate how and where people access our services and to create more welcoming environments in suitable locations.

Our Programs

We are constantly evolving and testing new ways to meet our goals and improve our impact. Here are some of the tools and methods that we are employing thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers and stakeholders:

Workshop Descriptions and Registration

GVFB trains and supports community kitchen facilitators. We offer a variety of workshops and support to our network of trainers.

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Food Recovery

Did you know that GVFB recovers safe, quality food from businesses such as farms, food wholesalers, grocers, restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens which we in turn distribute to individuals and agencies?

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Supporting Community Agencies

We are happy to support more than 80 agencies doing great work in our communities with food and training. Agencies include mental health, youth and senior programs, transition houses, neighbourhood houses and community centres.

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Community Kitchens

We believe in building community around food and creating opportunities for people to share and learn about food and food skills by encouraging community kitchens where everyone participates!

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Empowering our Children

Tackling food insecurity in the long term has to start with the next generation. As a starting point ensuring that they have the right diet to aid development and an understanding of simple whole foods is essential.

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Direct Food Support For Individuals & Families

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides direct food support to supplement the diets of thousands of individuals and families each week by way of locations throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Shore.

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