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Social Innovation in Food Banks

After decades of front line, emergency food distribution, food banks are increasingly taking a critical look at their work. As chronic and persistent food insecurity continues to increase, many food banks are now looking to different, longer-term strategies which better focus on serving the long-term health, social justice and resilience of the individuals and communities they serve.

To better understand the landscape of this work, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank set out to convene other food banks undertaking similar shifts. The report, ‘Social Innovation in Food Banks: An Environmental Scan of Social Innovation in Canadian and US Food Banks’ includes candid interviews with 18 food organizations from across North America on their work, and presents a continuum of socially innovative practices in the sector.

We hope this report will continue to grow the existing network between food banks to support knowledge sharing, align priorities and advocate together.

This report will be the subject of a panel at Food Secure Canada’s ‘Resetting the Table’ conference in Toronto, ON, from October 13th – 16th, 2016. We welcome all those interested and able to attend the conference.

Thank you to Maple Leaf Foods for funding this report, and Urban Food Strategies for conducting the research.

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