What's New

We Have a New Home in New West!

After almost a year of searching and negotiating, last month we opened a new Community Food Hub in New Westminster. Our previous New West location, the Shiloh Sixth Avenue United Church, was sold and we very happily moved our New West site to the Olivet Baptist Church in to their lovely gym.

The new space is above ground, wheelchair accessible, and will open right away with many of the elements of our other community food hub locations, including a more choice based model, a hospitality area, time zones, and once we find a partner, an ultralow cost produce stand. As a result, we have renamed this location the New West Community Food Hub. The New West Community Food Hub moves to Thursdays.

Opening the New West Community Food Hub was a significant amount of work that required our volunteers and members get used to a new day and hours of operation. To do our best to help them prepare for the move, we offered flyers and posters in English, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.  Community Food Hubs staff flyered at the old location, as well as neighbouring locations over the period of 4 weeks.

After just over a month of time in the new space, members and volunteers have responded positively to the bright new location, and the shorter wait times.

-Trish Kelly, Community Food Hub Director