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May is leave a legacy month


By Heidi Magnuson-Ford, Development Officer


May is Legacy Giving Month, but few people realize the tremendous impact that a legacy gift could have on the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the people it serves.

Making a charitable bequest in your will is a simple yet effective way you can help to improve the lives of people in our community beyond your lifetime.

Today, we provide access to healthy food, education and training through our many programs and partnerships.  Tomorrow, legacy gifts will support the Food Bank’s services and our vision of accessible, healthy and sustainable food for all for generations to come.

In 1982, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank started as an organization that provided food to 200 people who needed food each month. Now we support about 26,500 people each week. While the Food Bank’s capacity has expanded, hunger for many remains the status quo — a situation that’s intolerable to us. As the Food Bank’s services grow to meet this challenge, legacy gifts are more important than ever.

By entrusting a legacy gift to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank you will be:

  • Promoting health and wellness by supporting programs that teach food literacy, helping children and adults identify and prepare healthy, nourishing food for themselves and their families.
  • Fostering community diversity as we establish meaningful partnerships with agencies and organizations that can best see and overcome the barriers to health and nutritious food in our neighbourhoods.
  • Building community capacity through socially innovative programs and empowering environments that focus on access to food with dignity at all times.
  • Supporting sustainability by being aware of our wider impact both today and tomorrow.

Accessible, healthy and sustainable food matters to each of us and our neighbours, now and in the future. Together, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank with your legacy gift we can realize this vision. If you are interested please fill in the following GVFB Legacy Gift Confirmation Form, and send it to [email protected]

Should you have any questions or to discuss your gift or recognition options, please, contact Heidi at Greater Vancouver Food Bank, 604-216-2329, [email protected]