A Few Holiday Thoughts

As many of us get ready for the holiday season ahead, we at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, get asked a lot about what people should do to support us in tackling hunger and food insecurity in our community. We are lucky to have so much community support – volunteer time and expertise, financial, food and in-kind donations – all of which help provide an service. Everyone needs to eat. At our food hubs, we aim to offer foods that are as healthy, nutritious and fresh as possible, in a dignified way – with choice, in comfortable spaces, and with warm and welcoming friendly faces.

However, we know that we cannot look at our work without talking about poverty, homelessness, and the bigger conditions that create the need for food support. People are struggling to find and maintain affordable food, housing, childcare, and more, to make ends meet. The most recent Welfare Food Challenge, by Raise the Rates, had participants spend $19 on food for the entire week- an incredibly small budget that is the reality for so many people living on social assistance.

If you are concerned about these things too, we urge for people to work with us, other organizations, and directly with our government representatives to enact changes that support poverty reduction at all levels.

As a proud member of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, we are looking forward to a new . Our hope is to reduce food insecurity, poverty, homelessness and the consequences they have for all of us in the community.