Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

Three Cheers for Volunteers

Friday, April 4, 2014 - 4:45pm

There are not many certainties in life, however one thing you can count on is that the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society could not provide the level of assistance or help care for our community without the support of our loyal volunteers. No if’s ands or but’s, it’s a fact.

In order to provide assistance to the 28,000 people that rely on us each week, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society moves over 8 million pounds of food across four municipalities every year. This is accomplished with a team of just 27 staff members. Without the help of our loyal volunteers, that would equate to almost 300,000 pounds of food per staff member, without taking into consideration the time and effort required to grow, harvest, organize and ultimately distribute food to our members. Needless to say, it wouldn't be possible.

Volunteers — Making it Possible

One of the unique things about the Food Bank is the way in which it brings people together. From our most vulnerable populations to our largest donors, everyone has a relatable interaction with food and thanks to our 30+ year history, nearly everyone has their own relatable connection to the Food Bank. We have amazing individuals, clubs, societies and corporate groups of every variety who all choose to give us their time and energy. They work in every aspect of our organization, be it on the front line at our food hubs, sorting donations in our warehouse or helping in one of our community kitchens. To put it into context, our volunteers provided approximately 100,000 hours of their time last year in order to make it all possible and for that we would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Next week (April 6 - 12) is National Volunteer Week. Over the course of next week we will be highlighting a few of our extraordinary volunteers — sharing their stories, experiences and providing a brief look into why they choose to give us their time.

To that end, if you know a great Vancouver Food Bank volunteer or have a Food Bank story you want to share, please contact us so we can say thank you to them as well!

Lastly, whether it's the Food Bank or another organization that appeals to you, perhaps think about ways you could get involved by volunteering with an organization in your community. There are so many great (and deserving!) organizations that could truly benefit from the gift of your time. Every little bit counts!