Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

Client Stories

Pej’s Story

“I was born in Iran during a very difficult time. In hopes of a brighter future for us all, my parents decided it was necessary to leave our home and emigrate to Canada. I was 11 years old when we arrived in Vancouver. We had no paperwork and less than $100 in our pockets. We settled in Coquitlam with the help of the YWCA and the Canadian Immigration Services. During our time of transition, we became acquainted with the Food Bank. That support was invaluable as we adjusted to our new lives. Slowly but surely, we started to get on our feet as my mother re-trained as a nurse and my father established his own business. One day, we didn’t need that support any more, but we’ve never forgotten how it helped.”

Yolanda’s Story

“The Food Bank changed my life. I became ill and lost my job. Not able to return to work and with government subsidies not getting me through the month, I finally decided to visit the Food Bank. Their help supported me and deeply inspired me to give back. I’ve been a volunteer there for 12 years now.”

Tod’s Story

“I have great kids, my son is a good student and my daughter is 15 going on 21! I am rich with the love of my kids. Unfortunately, my severe asthma prevents me from working a regular job to support us. There are many weeks where the Food Bank helps to ensure the three of us aren’t just sharing one can of soup. I have been so grateful for the help they provide.”

Sarah’s Story

“I came to Vancouver in 2000 as a single mother with three small children. I could not afford to go back to school or pay for daycare so that I could find work. I felt so defeated and trapped. Finally, I found the Food Bank and it was such a big help. The staff and volunteers were non-judgmental, fair and so caring. I finally felt we were going to be okay. Diane Collis of Fresh Choice Kitchens, a program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society, directed me to a community kitchen for women like me. I learned so much, found friendship and support. Now I work full time helping women who struggle with the same things I did.”

Carmen’s Story

“When we meet at our local Community Kitchen, we motivate and encourage each other by working together. It has enabled us to save money, experiment and try new foods and cooking techniques. We have also learned other social and life skills such as teamwork, organization and planning.”